Does anyone with a background in traffic flow, highway design, transportation or Spock-logic have an explanation for the high number of traffic wrecks on US-127? Or is it just as simple as an unpredicted increase in volume of traffic through that particular stretch?

This past weekend, 127 southbound was shut down at I-496 because of a wreck around 8:40 AM. Soon after, around 9:00 AM, there were reports that eastbound 496 at US-127 was closed. So was US 127 southbound at Trowbridge (different that the previous SB 127 at 496?!?) AND US 127 northbound was closed at Dunckel Road.

The morning wrecks were eventually cleared, then around 3:30 Saturday afternoon, southbound 127 south of Saginaw was down to one lane because of a wreck.

Then around 2:15 Sunday morning, US 127 northbound  was closed at Trowbridge because of a wreck. That mess was cleared by 3:00 AM and traffic was flowing through there again.

Sure, there's a major university that employs tens of thousands of people, there are over 50 thousand students for nine months out of the year and the Trowbridge Road exit is the main interstate pipeline to campus...and yes, I know there was convention happening at the Breslin Center on the MSU campus this past weekend, compounding the congestion, but it doesn't seem that unusual for portions of that stretch to be closed off because of wrecks.


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