In an upcoming auction, some of Berry Gordy's personal Motown keepsakes will be up for auction at the former estate of the music mogul. His former Detroit dwelling  was sold for $1.65 million and is a beautiful mansion in the Boston Edison district of the Motor City,

Some of the more affordable offerings will be new/old stock pressing of early Tamla Records recording artists and having the bidding start at five bucks. Other items including 16mm films of the early days of the Gordy family will also be offered at the October 13th auction.

All in all, $5.00 will get you into to peruse the former belongings, but you better be prepared with a credit card on file if you want to bid on the big stuff!

For a better idea of what to expect, check out the MLIVE article here!

Photo: Sara Marie Martinez
Photo: Sara Marie Martinez

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