I was talking with someone recently how many years ago, I was at Reno's West on the patio with my sister and a friend of hers, when I saw "Oates", I guy I had played softball with for a couple of years. Oates asked if we wanted to join him and some friends at 'South Riley'...

"Where is that...?"

"Follow us!", said Oates.

Seemed like we drove FOREVER past houses and cornfields. Eventually, my sister asked how well I knew this guy and did I think he was going to kill us with ax in a cornfield. Pretty sure he wouldn't.

Eventually, we pulled into what looked like a party store, which it is - or a 'grocery store', as it's dubbed. You need to walk through the store to get to the South Riley Tavern.

We had a fine time playing pool and navigating the wave in the floor (seriously). It's worth a road trip just for the hell of it - we didn't have any food during our visit, but it looks like they know what they're know what they're doing based on all the positive reviews.

(WMMQ listener Tim Hoffman gets the nod for inspiration on this piece - thank you!)

South Riley Courtesy Photo
South Riley Courtesy Photo

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