Pre-pandemic and coronavirus, we were plagued with dismal showings and season finales galore. And not just season but series endings that just out right sucked. Personally for me please it was Game of Thrones on HBO and Power on Starz. It has almost given me cold feet when it comes to committing to a new show or series on any platform. Shows start off with such great promise and trailers and then they fizzle at the end. They just don't know how to finish and punish us the viewers for sticking around season after season.

Now I suffer from fear of commitment in both my personal and TV life. And that ain't good.

However, since the pandemic, our favorite streaming services have been bringing it. In one way or another and so far, I am here for it.

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Netflix began with the Circle for me and this Big Brother social media rip off got the party started. But truth be told, this one was pre-pandemic. But I'll allow it.

Then came the juggernaut that was Tiger King and the internet couldn't get enough.

I wrote an article about this one. It's on HBO Max. But it's so worth the watch. Take a look at Class Action Park.

Ok...back to Netflix. Just recently, scandal and boycotts have arrived in the form of outrage at Cuties.

That right there is a whole nother can of cancel culture worms. And folks are righteously pissed. Cancelling their Netflix accounts and asking you to do the same.

Here, watch this. It's about 10 minutes long but you'll get a good dose of why folks are outraged.

But before you can cancel your Netflix subscription, they are challenging you to maybe think about cancelling social media with their newest documentary The Social Dilemma. And this one has people shook.

Some of the folks behind your favorite social media sites and platforms break it all down for you. Yes, you're being watched and listened to. And this is how we did it. And how they are doing it right now. Every click you make, every song you take they'll be watching you.

My friend watched it last night and legit this morning, he told me his Instagram is going away in 48 hours. And he's already raged against Netflix about Cuties.

He's not alone.

Please note the delicious irony of me sharing about a social media documentary and posting reviews about it from social media. It's like The Matrix and Inception had a baby and we're in it.

All these are worth the watch.

And my absolute favorite quote from the documentary.

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