It's that time again! Time for me to remind you about Your Perfect Album Side. The feature that I do every Monday through Friday, right about "noonish" on WMMQ.

You pick out the tunes by going to WMMQ.COM and sending them on their way to ME. I then set it up and you hear your name a bunch of times during the course of YOUR day and we make you a rock star. Ensuring that Andy Warhol was right and that everyone gets their 15 minutes of local fame.

And for the record (get it?), there is no crazy selection process. If I have the tunes, I play them. It's just that simple.

And make sure to let me know when I can contact you so you can introduce them yourself. It's Your Perfect Album Side, I just push the buttons!

Send Me Your Requests By Clicking Here! Your Perfect Link


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