The Doo-Ran tipped me off to this spectacular Halloween Monster House on North High Street in Lansing, near Lake Lansing Road.

We found out that the house belongs to Kelly Betts and she loves that people drive by her place to see her giant Halloween beast. Joey Pants and I called her this morning to find out how she crafted these fierce fangs; the teeth were cut out of cardboard, painted and attached to foam.

If you've got a yard as menacing as Kelly's on North High Street in Lansing, we'd love to see a photo and hear your story about what motivates you to put the time and effort into decorating your domicile.

Also, when you hand out candy, what do you like to give the trick or treaters? And do you buy candy that you like so you can eat the leftovers?

BTW - come up with a name for the beast and you could win a $25 Mert's Specialty Meats Certificate! Shirley from Mert's is offering up a $25 Mert's certificate for the person who comes up with the best name for the Betts' Beast, which will be determined by Joey Pants and me - post your submission to the WMMQ Facebook page!


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