It's late August and this happens every year. We come to the stunning realization that Summer is almost over. "Where did it go?" is usually on the comments. My moment came this morning when I saw Short's Brewing's Facebook post about their Autumn IPA; not quite Oktoberfest, but close enough.

Oktoberfest or fall beers, in my mind, are like sours - either you really love them or you really don't. But if anyone would know fall, it would be Short's, located in the heart of Up North, the place that maybe invented fall colors.

A good beer writer using florid language can make any beer sound good, but Short's Autumn IPA sounds like it would be worthy of at least a pint. And if you look at Short's website, you're reminded that they bought out the recipes of Battle Creek/Kalamazoo's Arcadia Ales, so they make Jaw-Jacker, which was made with cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

Closer to home, perusing Bell's annual beer schedule shows several fall beers, including Octorberfest, which has been out since July for its annual three-month (or so) run. With Bell's, you get more choices closer to Christmas with Wild Spruce Chase and Jingle Bells and the Christmas Ale.

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The Pure Michigan folks put together a list a few years ago of eight fall beers and two ciders. Since a significant portion of the population must like it, there's Atwater's Pumpkin Spice on the list, and with it are Oktoberfest Lager from Frankenmuth and Screamin' Pumpkin from Griffin Claw. Griffin Claw does some good beers, a pumpkin beer can't simply be dismissed for that reason.

Plain shirts and cooler weather are coming. And there's a beer to go with them.

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