This may be the payback that Spartan Nation has been waiting for. The chance to win yet another game over my beloved Michigan Wolverines. Although I will never take back all of the ribbing I have given for the painful years of the Williams duo of Bobby and John L., I will take all that is owed. That is what a true fan does!

Even when the most loved of all Bo Schembechler, had a rough season, I stood by his decisions. The following years of Gary Moeller and Lloyd Carr brought yeas of joy with the ultimate goal of a National Championship title in 1997 (although split with Nebraska).

Then the promise of Rich (RIch Rod) Rodriguez fell very short and left a big hole for Bray Hoke to fill. Well, Brady has fallen into that hole and taken the hopes of many with him. I'm not giving up on my team. But now I know how Spartan fan used to feel when they would say; "Oh well, at least we have basketball season to look forward to."