A few months back, WMMQ had our brewery bus tour. Our second stop on the tour was the Dark Horse Brewery in Marshall, Michigan. From the second we walked in, the place felt like home. The pub has it's own personality with over 3000 wooden mugs hanging from the ceiling and the workers were very colorful and entertaining. That's why I was not surprised to hear the History Channel is doing a show based on the Brewery. Last night, a whole load of folks turned out to see the premiere.

Click here to see the story from Mlive,com.

Click here to check out the Dark Horse Brewery online.

Click here to check out the Dark Horse Nation trailer from the History Channel.

Here is our video from the Brewery Bus Tour back in April.

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From the Pants Stash

Here is part of our crew at the Brewery Bus tour stop at the Dark Horse Brewery.