When news of another shooting at Fahrenheit Lounge on South Cedar Street forced city leaders and club ownership to call for the bar's closing, it was just the next of many incidents and locations to see a similar fate. Here's a look at some other Lansing Area bars that have had their hands forced by crime and illegal activity.


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    West Bank/Shooters

    Once upon a time, folks would "get rollin' to South Logan", as Jack Dykstra used to say, to visit a night club next door to his Ford dealership. Once a legendary rock bar, The West Bank saw its fair share of mayhem. But, once the club converted to a venue catered to a younger setting and called itself Shooters, is when the incidents began to rise. Drunken mayhem and the rumored drug activity combined with a new, diverse crowd from different areas of the Capital City. As the criminal element gave the club a fitting name, clientele fell, and neighbors pushed for action. The club would eventually close. It is now a Southeastern Asian specialty market.

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    Metro Bowl

    Once, it was the south side hot spot to try to pick up a spare or two. Well, that saying became a little looser over the years, and after three strikes with criminal activity, the City of Lansing used building codes to finally shut down the old Metro Bowl. After a couple of failed attempts to fix and revamp the club side of Metro Bowl, it sits shuttered to this day along MLK south of Jolly.

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    The Dollar

    Originally, a beautifully crafted gem called The Brewery, then The Silver Dollar Saloon, The Dollar faced its fair share of scrutiny from city officials after years of drunken madness as a rock and roll and country hotspot. There were long lines to get in to see some of the biggest acts in music, and an even longer line at 1:45 in the morning next door at 7-Eleven. It always had its reputation as a fun spot with a bit of criminal element to it in the form of assaults and drug activity. But, once it started catering to the young, college aged crowd as a meat-market (pick-up haven) packed with stiff drinks, a few pills, live bands and club dancing is when residents really started to put the fire to the city. The Dollar would eventually be closed and seized by the county for failure to pay taxes. It has been demolished, and a the new, colorful Midtown development has taken its place. You can reminisce about the good ol' days of The Silver Dollar with a Facebook page dedicated to a legend in its glory years

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    The old Steve's Lounge on Miller at Washington has seen its share of troubles, especially when it was known as Auggie's Pub and Grill. In the day time, you'd find the same setting Steve's was known for with some grub, drinks, and chats amongst neighbor hood friends. But, come night time, especially on weekends, is when Auggie's came to draw its reputation. Fights, stabbings, parking lot shootings along with the typical club styled riff raff eventually became too much for neighbors. After repeated visits by Lansing Police for episodes of violence and drugs, the city once again used building codes to shut Auggie's down. It has since re-opened as Binni's Bar and Grill.