You won't be seeing this sign in Michigan anytime soon. You will see the cars of the Michigan youth leaving this state in record numbers. Because of the roads? No, because Michigan has matched Texas with legislated bigotry.

Now, Michigan and Texas will become the states no one searches for enlightenment in. Fearing change and picking a war with gay people when we have terrorists trying to kill us. But gays are a real threat to Michigan. A real threat to democracy! Click here to see what God thinks.

Everyone speaks for God but until now, I haven't seen him speak out on such things.

God vowed to continue to fight bigotry inside the hearts and minds of Americans by placing a ‘God Loves Gays’ billboard in Michigan next.

“Michigan is an extremely anti-gay place,” said God. “If you’d like to fight back against this tide of bigotry with a message of love, thou shalt support the campaign. We’ll go to Michigan next.”

The Lord has spoken.

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I guess Governor Snyder saw all the positive feedback from Indiana's bigotry and thought... "Michigan can do better!"

Just another case of the Governor going back on his word to appease his party. Click here to see the ridiculous law from a National news service.

Then click here to see what the Governor said about this issue just a few months ago and sign a petition to share your disgrace.

One lesbian couple from Detroit was not allowed to adopt 2 special needs children. This case is in the Supreme Court and his signing of the bill could be nullified by the Supreme Court, AGAIN. Like getting special needs kids adopted is easy. Like getting kids adopted isn't hard enough already. Just another way this geek has shown us he will lie and tow the party line before he does what is right. He's more of a dictator than a cop

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