Beer fads fade faster than the career of a rap artist. Flash in the pan flavors seem to come and go in a hurry. This years craze has been the Hard Root Beer, Beer. Initially, it was "Not Your Father's Root Beer." But difficulty in locating the sweet brew made it tough. When it arrived at a location, enthusiasts took to Facebook and it was quickly bought up.

Wisconsin soda pop maker Sprecher (SPRECK-er), added theirs to the mix, but in my opinion, it fell a little short of their craft quality pop that they are known for. Enter Coney Island Hard Root Beer. A bit more of a caramel taste with less sweetness than the "Not Your Fathers." The photo showing that this is a more readily available, but is it too late? A similar stack of the a fore mentioned was spotted by me in Indiana over the weekend. It didn't seem to have a high demand. So was this just a summer fling? We'll see come December. Maybe by then we'll have a peppermint candy cane beer, just in time for the holidays.