The Holt 9-11 Hero Run event was inspired by the story behind the "Tunnel to Towers" 5K held in New York, which is that firefighter Stephen Siller was on his way to a golf game September 11, 2001, when  he got thee call to respond to the Twin Towers, just as he was approaching the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. The tunnel was closed, so he put on the 60 pounds of gear he had with him and ran to the burning towers. He made it there, but he never made it home, leaving Siller's five kids without a father.

The Holt 9-11 Hero Run is not about a single courageous act. It's about not becoming complacent with the pain and fear we all felt on 9-11. It's about the indomitable spirit of our nation.

The Holt 9-11 Hero Run in Holt has always supported great causes, but this year's race, which takes place at 6:30 tonight has been dedicated specifically to Rodeman. Registration opens at 5pm at the Delhi Fire Department on Aurelius Road.

Details are available here.