I forgot to get Mrs. Pants an Easter bunny. She likes the hollow chocolate and so do I. TO HELL WITH SOLID CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNIES, I SAY! So, I had to SHARE mine with her. She is kind of frugal, so I thought she would be more turned on by me getting a bunny at half price. After Easter, stores mark most passed over, defective bunnies down to move them off the shelves and into the toilet bowl. I got hers last year this way but remember we ran into the same problem. I had to share my booty. Literally. Mrs. Pants eats the bottom of the bunny first. In our house, we always ate the ears first. Rarely did we ever make it to the bottom of the bunny before the stomach ache started.

This year Mrs. Pants got me the Darth Vader Bunny. Last year, it was a storm trooper bunny. Next year, I have my fingers crossed for a Chewbacca bunny. Did you see Chewie's new commercial?

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