We have been married 17 years. Together for 21. When my wife Sabrina woke me up at 3am Easter Morning to tell me she was pregnant, I told her to "shut up and get back in bed."

One of the first people we told: "We're expecting a baby!"

Responded with: "A HUMAN BABY?"

We have had a lot of cats. Looking back, a depressing number. I guess we paid our dues because December 3, 2016 we are expecting a baby girl.

I made a movie trailer like announcement but it is kind of  racy. There are some pictures you may not want young people to see. I wanted to make our announcement fun and had a vision. You may have to log on to Facebook to see that vision. If you don't have Facebook, I don't blame you but ask someone with an account to log in so you can see the video below.

This is the greatest blessing we have ever received. I am not making fun of that. A good number of our friends cried tears of joy hearing our news and we have certainly shed a great deal of our own. So many people already knew, when I told them, I got the "I know."

I have many stories to share with Deb starting Monday. We hit 22 weeks today. If you pray, we could use prayers for a healthy baby and mama, we are in our 40's. If you think positive thoughts, we could use some. If you want to share advice, I will accept it all.

MAJOR THANKS to my niece Afton Eberly for taking our baby announcement pictures.

Brandon "Beanie" Howell for all his help editing this video on Thursday.

The Lott Family in Webberville/Bell Oak for use of their property and being lifelong friends.

My sister Jamie for use of her oven and bathroom for the vomit pictures.

My wife Sabrina for putting up with me for 21 years.