A few years ago, my brother Joey Pants and I made a little bet. The losing fan of the Michigan v Michigan State game would have to wear a shirt of the winning team for the whole day. As VICTORS go, I won graciously and presented him with a nice blue shirt with MICHIGAN on the front. He wore it all day. Even to a remote later that night.

Since that time Mr. Pants and I have never made such a bet. Both of us knowing how painful losing is and that the implications could be disastrous for Spartan Nation should the Wolverines actually win. The disaster on the other hand, is looming for Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke, as this could be his last interstate rivalry with a loss.

So in the event we actually did bet and my team does lose, I concede with this small gift for Mr. Pants and all of Spartan Nation. Should this not come to fruition, rest assured that I will come to work festooned in the mighty colors of Maize and Blue!!!! - Duran