Michigan International Speedway and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced a deal today that keeps MEDC as the sponsor of next August's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race. The Pure Michigan 400 will be back for another three years. Details are mapped out in this article from mlive.com

For race fans, it's not a juicy, drama-filled NASCAR story. But, it should be very welcomed news. As fellow gear heads well know, the sport's survival is all about sponsorship dollars. When NASCAR officials determine when and where races will take place each year, there's always a chance that underachieving tracks could lose races. MIS has had two races each year for decades. But, a few years ago, when the recession really hit the state in a bad way, attendance numbers dwindled, and potential race sponsors took notice. There were rumors that MIS could lose a race. But, sponsors, including MEDC, have come through in big ways. NASCAR and MIS officials believed in each other. And the state's tourism authorities, to whom it may matter most, has come through, once again, for state tourism, local businesses and race fans alike.