I saw this story this weekend and wanted to share it. We have all dealt with death and losing somebody or we all will at some point. It's easy to be mad and negative, it's more difficult to look inward and change how you deal with the grief.

Meet Reality Edwards. Reality lost her father a few years ago in Flint. He was murdered at his Flint home. She was dealing with the loss negatively and started a free hug campaign to leave a positive spin on the tragedy.

Get the full story by clicking here.

You could see clearly, she is making other people happy and making herself happy. The "Kindness Challenge" is something I don't do everyday but will begin to incorporate it. After seeing this video, Mrs. Pants and I went shopping. While we were in line a young girl got in line behind us. She had 2 items. We had 30. I told Mrs. P to "let her go ahead of us." The girl was very thankful but the clerk was blown away. She said twice so we could hear "it's nice to know there are still good people out there."

It all started with Reality's message. Take the kindness challenge. It feels phenomenal.

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