I have a 4 year-old niece battling brain cancer. Click here for the full story. She has fought like a champion. She has had 2 surgeries that lasted about 30 hours. She's had chemotherapy for a few months, now another surgery is scheduled for Monday. This surgery will hopefully remove the remaining tumor from her brain. Whatever is left after Monday will be battled with radiation. She has been in good spirits with an occasional meltdown. Her left eye looks normal again. It had turned white and she lost some control of it but it's back now.

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I looked into that blue eye last night and almost lost it. I was so happy. Kailynn visited my moms house and we crashed the party to make Valentines for Kailynn's friends and family. We even made mailboxes for Kailynn to put her Valentines in. We got her Doc McStuffins Valentines and she really had a blast. I bought her some pink glitter glue that she loved! She even said "I really like that!"

While we were shopping, I came across the Star Wars Valentines with that AWESOME Darth Vader poster. I don't even know if I will use them but they are awesome! One is Yoda saying "Valentines Day it is." My niece wanted those too.

If you are looking for a cool activity to do with your little one, Kidabaloo is on next weekend at the Holt High School. Click here for more information on the family fun!

Speaking of fun, if you click here, you can find out your Star Wars personality type. I got Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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