Let the MADNESS BEGIN! My 2 favorite days of the year! Basketball on TV non stop all day. It's an orgy of pizza, gluttony and watching kids become immortal. Announcers with great calls, upsets and legendary coaches, like Tom Izzo and Mike Sheshesh? Mike Krzyzewski... The Duke Coach K.

For some reason, Deb says she beat me last year. I don't recall if this is true but if she who can't remember anything says she remembers, ok. So, I need to take the title back this year.

Sorry Spartans but I went with North Carolina this year. My gut tells me Roy Williams is due for another title. Plus, I have picked MSU to win the last 3 years and they haven't. That is my logic and reverse psychology. By not picking MSU all my bad luck won't be hovering over them. I assume a lot of picks will be for MSU. You can still get your picks in our bracket and see how you stack up against me or Deb. Click here to get in!


I would like nothing more than to see Denzel Valentine ride off with the title. I have seen him play for 7 years. 3 while he was in Sexton and the 4 here at MSU. He is among the top 3 Spartans of my lifetime I HAVE SEEN PLAY, along with Draymond Green and Steve Smith. (I was 5 when Magic played) I seriously hope the Pistons take him. I would love to see him play another 7 years. Go Green!