If you listen to the show you know, there is REALLY something wrong with me. If I go more than one week without being told "nice shirt" by a stranger, I lose my super power. I can't tell you what it is. I can tell you what got me a "AWESOME shirt" this week.

From the Pants GOLD shirt collection

I bought the last 2X they had at Meijer in Okemos. Sometimes I have to talk Mrs. Pants into letting me get one because all of the other husbands have one... But she put this right in the cart.

I know her. She won't let me get 2 shirts? Well, today I saw this BABY on SALE for only 8 bucks at Meijer in Okemos... Again. She wasn't with me but I text her "Hmmm?" and she responded with "You need another kitty shirt?"

Ummm, It's Abe Frickin' Lincoln and a KITTY! I am sure when I wear this, I'll hear "nice shirt." I am sure. You don't see classy items like these everyday.