90 bucks a month is too much to pay for television. Our bill for the year is around $1,100! We spend half of our time looking for something to watch an usually end up watching "Big Bang Theory" re-runs anyway. We won't be severing all ties to television, just the stupid crap they charge you for.

Most of the stations have apps or you can watch live from some of the websites. Plus, we have Netflix, Youtube, Hulu Plus, and all kinds of options from our Nintendo Wii. I am also going to get a converter. For the the first time in 7 yeas, I will be able to watch local t.v. Something my previous provider never allowed. Apple TV and Roku are options we are looking into but need more information before deciding on them.

Plus, this will force us to have more real life social interaction and rediscover the art of conversation. If we want to watch a show we can't stream, we'll have to pay someone a visit. If there is a big Spartan game I can't miss, I may be showing up at your house. It is presenting us with opportunities to spend time with people we want to spend time with. We have many projects around the house television has distracted us from for to long. It has been part of our routine since Mrs. Pants and I started dating. We would always watch "The Simpsons" together.

I have been a television addict for over 20 years and will no doubt miss my ESPN and Big Bang re-runs but I look forward to conversing with my wife a bit more and getting some much needed work done around the house. There is nothing on in the summer anyway.

My brother in law said his parents always cut the cord around summer to keep the kids active outside. My friend Heather echoed that statement.

"I haven't paid for cable, sat, or even Netflix for over 4 years. Watch movies for free from the library. With the kids...I have noticed them playing outdoors, board games, and use their imagination more than most. And I am with them and I love it!
I hope it becomes rewarding to you two as it has for me."

I asked my friends on Facebook and was surprised by some of the comments.

My friend Matt said "Ours went to $110 with 3 receivers. Then we moved and switched names on account to wife, now $50 with free Sunday ticket. Directv for 15 years, all I asked for was an HD receiver upgrade along the way, spent 45 minutes on the phone and got out with a refurbished unit for $100. I feel you Pantzo, enough is enough."

That's another thing that pisses me off; The promotional rate for the new customer. We have been with our provider for almost 10 years. No loyalty reward, no promotional rate, we just pay more while they charge others less. Ohhhh! Once in a while they'll let you have HBO free for the weekend or give you a sneak peek at some other product they charge too much for.

Jason also is loving the unplugged life. "I moved into a house that was already unplugged. Yea, I had my withdrawals. We have AppleTv, Netflix, and Hulu plus. Along with very basic cable tv. I'm well entertained. Also, this past summer, I didn't sit in front of the tv all day. I went out and did things."

Bill said "I've cut the cord before and just used the internet to watch shows. Roku and Apple TV are great alternatives. The problem for me was live sports. That is the toughest thing to replace."

Tom said "We cut that cord over 2 years ago. Happy to be putting that $80 towards other bills. You will survive, just think of it as $1200 a year raise."

Not everyone was loving it though. Rachel shared "We tried to unplug....it lasted about a week. We tried to make due with Netflix and watching things streamed online only. It was actually me that had the hardest time. So we caved and re-connected."

Mrs. Pants and I have discussed this issue for a year and on March 16th, we will be cutting the cord. There isn't anything that is worth watching for a thousand bucks a year.

Will I lose my mind before April? Or finally find it?