I have been watching these Olympics and so are millions of other Americans. Saturday, I saw this report and was very moved. First, by this very well done story. Again by the space facts I was unaware of about the United States biggest victory ever over Russia. Then by the shocking announcement Al Michaels made about Tom Brokaw. Click here to see the story as it aired.

Click Here to see what Mr. Brokaw had to say about the fight.

Love or hate Tom, I grew up watching him and have always respected his journalistic integrity. I wish Mr. Brokaw the best in his fight and wish him well.

I also love others impressions of him. Dana Carvey does my favorite.

I consider myself a space geek and wanted to share it with the dreamers out there. My father in law said he had never seen some of that footage. I never heard of the story or seen the amazing footage.

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