I saw Frog from Frog and the Beeftones Saturday at Duran's Wedding. First thing he says is "Hey Pants! You see this?" Then he showed me the video below.


You can get the full hilariously troubling story by clicking here.

I said to Frog "It sounds just like Trailer Park Boys." Like a good TBP episode. Classic Ricky and Julian.

It's like Slap Shot, Strange Brew and Trailer Park Boys all wrapped up in one.

Duran and Sara had a wonderful wedding. In true "DUDE" reality, as soon as they said "I do" I clearly heard someone got a strike in the bowling alley below. If that ain't a good omen, I don't want to know what is. They had planned a beautiful wedding at Cooley Gardens but Mother Nature decided we would party at Royal Scott.

I gave him cash. I told him "The cash is from me, the card is from Mrs. Pants. I almost got some Vagicaine... Click here if you are lost.