A few years ago I went to fight a ticket at the Ingham County Courthouse. When I walked in, I saw a gentleman wearing, what I can only describe and "Scarface" Underoos. On the back of his jacket it said "I'll take you all to hell!" I wondered what he was in court for? No one in this kids life thought it was a bad idea? It took everything I had not to point and laugh.

Apparently it's a big issue in York County, Pennsylvania. One of the judges, Ronald J. Haskell Jr put up a sign taped to his window saying "Money from undergarments will not be accepted in this office," and "PAJAMAS ARE NOT APPROPRIATE ATTIRE FOR DISTRICT COURT."

Judge Thomas J. Reilly remembered another incident with a bad wardrobe decision: "A fella came in on a DUI charge, and he was wearing a Budweiser T-shirt," Reilly said with a chuckle. "I remember the judge commented, 'Sir, the next time you come back, you might want to reconsider what you're wearing.'"

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I didn't get out of that ticket by the way, but it was reduced. I was dressed like I was going on an interview.

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