Saturday, yard sale season will be officially over. I didn't get to as many sales as last year but I hauled in more loot at quality sales this year. Normally, Mrs. Pants and I have to drive all over a town, sale to sale and spend an entire day on the road. This weekend, it will be a lot easier at the World's Largest Yard Sale!

This year, I have met a dog named Chewbacca and hooked up on so many Christmas lights, I had to build a new wing in the light shed. My mom used to take me to garage sales as a kid as a treat.

One of my greatest yard sale moments happened when I was 10. I was going through the records milk crate and came across Kiss Destroyer. I didn't know Kiss then, but just the look and the art of the album had me curious.

"Mom, can I get this, it's only 10 cents?"

"No, Joe! Kiss means Knights in Satan Service!"

Thinking that would discourage me. It only made me more curious. If my mom would have said "sure." It wouldn't have been a big deal. Knowing she didn't like band made me want to like them all the more. What will you find this weekend at the World's Largest Yard Sale? Click here for details.

Courtesy of Kiss and Casablanca Records

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