Tubing is definitely incredibly fun but as adults, when we try it we're usually pretty sore...or worse.

Growing up on a lake, tubing was a pretty regular activity and then when I stopped going regularly and tried it again in my 20's I vowed "well never doing that again."

My elbows were covered in scabs from rubbing against the tube and I felt more sore than I had ever been.

However, my "tubing as an adult mishap" story is NOTHING compared to my dad's!

He was tubing, getting whipped around by his buddies and when he went to fall off, he and his pride hung on. He was dangling, hanging by one arm as the tube went so far out of the wake he could read the MC Number on the side of the boat!

Long story short, he tore a bunch of ligaments and things in his shoulder and over the next 10 years or so has had FOUR shoulder surgeries.

So, if those stories weren't enough, here's 10 more reasons tubing as an adult is a pretty bad idea:

  • 1. You're not as springy as the kids you see doing it.
    • Whiplash is very real. Hitting a wave, soaring in the air, and smacking back down onto the water will have you saying "Oh, my achin' back" a bit louder than usual.
  • 2. Speaking of hitting the water, you do that a bit harder than you used to.
    • Adults are quite a bit bigger than children, more weight, and have more velocity and force that can lead to some pretty bad things upon impact.
  • 3. Your friends are jerks.
    • Okay, maybe not in general, but give your buddies a boat and a tuber they don't have to worry about terrifying for life and they will scar you in different ways. It's just in their nature.
  • 4. Drinking might be involved. 
    • Hey, you're an adult, it's okay now! However, alcohol can severely effect your ability to tube and tube safely. Sure, it could be more fun but good things rarely happen after saying "hold my beer..."
  • 5. Broken Bones = Surgery 
    • As we get older, our bones don't bounce back as fast as they did when we were kids. A simple broken wrist just isn't what it used to be. Now, it's months of recovery after a surgery to make sure you'll be able to use your arm like a normal person again.
  • 6. Acid Reflux
    • Not sure what it would have with tubing...but as adults, anything can cause it so it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  • 7. You've got nothing to prove.
    • Adults who hop on tubes need this reminder because otherwise, they will try way harder than they should to prove they've still "got it." You don't...and that's okay! You can mow a mean lawn and make a damn good steak, nobody underestimates your manliness and an inflatable death trap won't prove it.
  • 8. Losing clothing can get you in trouble.
    • As an adult, flashing everyone out on the lake is good for a laugh...and scarring the children! THINK OF THE CHILDREN. No, really, losing your clothes at the wrong place, wrong time could end you up on a list. A list that will not let you within 500 yards of children ever again. You catch my drift, right?
  • 9. You haven't used those muscles in a while.
    • As an adult, doing things like lifting particularly heavy boxes could be something you feel the next morning. Imagine how sore you'd be from tubing!? Using your arms and your torso to try to hold on for dear life, flexing your legs and other ligaments to try to balance and...I'm just going to stop right there. My body is sore just from thinking about it.
  • 10. There are other ways to let loose
    • Look, you never have to lose your thrill-seeking, adventurous side. There are still plenty of things you can do that give you the same kind of adrenaline rush as tubing. Go skydiving, go climb a mountain, go do literally anything else because as far as tubing as an adult goes, just don't.
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All of that being said, if you DO decide to head out and do some tubing, here are a few pieces of advice to help you make the most of it.

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