Since I moved to Michigan back in June, I have made it my sole mission to find out all of the crazy things that Michigan has to offer.

From figuring out new foods to not allowing myself to say the word pop for soda, Michigan has quite a few unique attributes.

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As I have been traveling back and forth from Grand Rapids to Detroit often to see some of my friends, I have been paying close attention to the highway and road signs to discover new towns and cities that I have never heard of.

With city and town names like Kalamazoo and Dowagiac, I thought I had seen all of the crazy names that I needed to see.

attachment-The City of Kalamazoo, Michigan FB

Apparently, I have been incredibly mistaken because there are, indeed, more insane city and town names.

As a new Michigan resident, some of these names do not even feel like they belong in Michigan.

With these insane names, I wonder if the people within the city and town limits love their city name or hate when people make fun of it.

While I am making a little fun of them, these city and town names just seem like they should be placed somewhere else.

Do you agree that these city and town names should belong elsewhere?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the top 10 town names that don't sound like they should be in Michigan.

The Top 10 Town Names That Sound Out Of Place In Michigan

Whether you have lived in Michigan for a long time or a newcomer to the state like myself, these town names seem completely out of place. Do you agree?

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