What type of person are you when it comes to trying new things? Are you the type that jumps right in no matter what? Do you have an ounce of skepticism that makes you want to hear about other people's experiences at a business before you try it out for yourself? If you are the latter, you came to right place.

I read reviews on some stuff. Usually a product I want to purchase for my home, or I do the research when it comes to major purchases like cars and vehicles. Reviews can help me when trying to narrow down a decision that I need to make but a review will not be something that my final decision is ultimately made on.

I am they type of consumer that will leave a positive review if I had an experience that went above and beyond the experience I had hoped to have. If I have a negative experience, I realize that people are human and we make mistakes. I feel no need to put that in print if it is something I can handle by simply picking up the phone and speaking to a manager. I've always had good outcomes when speaking to a manager over a discrepancy.

I want to take a look at the good, bad and ugly reviews that have been left for some Lansing area businesses. In my opinion, don't let someone else's negative experience make your decision for you. Try it out for yourself, then you can be the judge.

10 Tremendous Reviews For Lansing Businesses

Buddie's - 1937 W Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI 48864

One negative tripadvisor review says:

Got here at 605, moderately busy. It's now 703 and still waiting on our food. We have not t seen our waitress since we placed our order. Still sipping on the same drinks we received an hour ago. Will not return....an hour wait is just ridiculous

On the flipside, another tripadvisor review says the opposite:

Great love it it was the best time of my life we had a party there and had a blast for my birthday it was a surprise party.

Photo Courtesy of Google Streetview
Photo Courtesy of Google Streetview

Buffalo Wild Wings - 360 Albert St, East Lansing, MI 48823

John W. wasn't happy in his tripadvisor review:

Wow. How incredible sad. This used to be the best bar in EL. The last 5 times I’ve been there the food was cold 4 times. I turned down a free gift certificate when I informed mgt. because I was not coming back. Obviously they don’t care or have no control because when I came back the food was cold again. I know what your thinking. Why does he keep going back? To be truthful this is THE best place to watch a game. The volume is on and people cheer!

Here comes JJ Black2 with a positive tripadvisor review:

Always consistently good food and good service from friendly staff. You know what you are getting here but it delivers.

Photo Courtesy of Google Streetview
Photo Courtesy of Google Streetview

Nuthouse Sports Grill - 420 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48933

One tripadvisor review talks about the bar service:

food here is always average..prices are not too bad especially the specials. i usually get good waitress service at the table..i NEVER get good service from the night gal bartender..probably the worst bartender in the area

Greg's review on tripadvisor paints a different picture:

So you're in downtown Lansing, going to see the Lugnuts, and you're thirsty pre-game. This is the place. Loud and boisterous, TV'S everywhere, lots of tables, but we love to sit at the bar. The bartenders are always cordial, and fast. Great beer selection, and good bar food. What's not to like?

Meijer - 6200 S Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing, MI 48911

EJ says this on yelp:

The bathroom had brown, wet soiled toilet paper on the toilets and floors. The unisex toilet was overflowed and the sinks were yellow. I'd recommend holding it and not using these bathrooms.

Maki S. then comes back with a rave review on yelp:

Do you want produce, fish tanks, hunting license or pharmacy?
This is the place where you can find it all. It's like a combination of Costco, Walmart and Cabela's and the aisles are wide, much like the roads in the midwest.
I can understand how someone coming from an environment like this would be frustrated to have to go to 3 separate stores to get everything they need. It was definitely an interesting trip to the store. If you're from our of town, check this place out!

Great Lakes Ace - 600 Frandor Ave, Lansing, MI 48912

Kris S was a little pissy with their review on yelp:

Imbeciles are incapable of looking up business accounts and when asking for someone else to help me check out who has previously found the business account ? She starts checking someone else out at a different register instead of swapping out with the person that can't find it ? Pathetic.

Zak H shares his positive experience on yelp:

I love this store. Very conveniently located and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Every time I ask where a certain item is they know exactly where it is  and walk me to it and ask if I have any the questions. If they don't have an item I need they tell me what store I can get it from. If I don't want to make a trip to the big name stores then this is the place to go. Definitely recommend.

As you can see, reviews are like yin and yang. I've had some rotten experiences at local businesses while others have had amazing experiences with the same business. Consistancy is key. Be consistant in being good. Be consistent with your product. I'm also a fan of giving second chances, if you let me down the first time I visit your business I will come back and give it another shot. If, after the second chance the experience still sucks, we will done.

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