It was at the Homer Mill back in 2008 when I first got to meet Alice Cooper. Me and one of our sister stations were down there to promote Alice's appearance and interview him. I got him on the air and talked for half hour straight. The other station personality was pissed. Talking to Alice was like talking to an old friend.

I started at WMMQ in 2002 as a backup producer of the morning show. That is where Deb Hart gave me the name Joey Pants, after a killer Soprano's episode.

In December of 2004, I sat down with the boss, "Evil" Mark Stevens and he told me he wanted me to be the afternoon guy on WMMQ. I was very happy to have the opportunity.

On January 17, 2005 I had my first solo afternoon broadcast. I remember Mark leading me in saying "get ready for a lot of mistakes." After the broadcast, I didn't make any major mistakes and Mark seemed disappointed. "You made a liar out of me." He said.

I did afternoons and occasionally filled in on the morning show. In September of 2011, Deb Hart and I were named the morning show. I always wanted to work with Deb. She is a LEGEND in this town with almost 25 years on the air. I knew we had a good relationship and good rapport on the air, all we needed was a chance. We have been going strong since.

When I was a kid, morning shows seemed to only last for a few months. To be on the air with Deb for the last 3 years has been an honor and I hope for 10 more awesome years.

It has been a pleasure getting to know the listeners of WMMQ. I feel honored you get up with us every morning. Thank you for listening!

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