Wednesday, we did a contest to give away Ringo Starr and the All-Star Band tickets June 27th at the DTE. Below is the winning call.

It did my heart good to see the young generation with an appreciation for Classic Rock. Not long after the call his dad sent me this email.

"Hi Deb & Joey,
My son Jacob won tickets today for Ringo Starr from the Star Wars question. I just wanted to let you know how incredibly excited he is. As part of our morning drive to school every day he makes sure to tune in and he knows quite a few of the questions.
Today was his day as we were parked in front of the school and he was half way out of the car still redialing on my phone when it started ringing instead of a busy signal. He was so excited that he even forgot how old he was when you asked!
He knows his classic rock well and is a Beatles fan (one of the first songs he learned on the piano was Imagine (John Lennon of course but you get the point). One of the other questions he knew from your morning trivia was a clip from yellow submarine.
He is thrilled to go see Ringo Star and WAY excited that he won and was on the radio. I had to go in to school to sign him in since he was so late and when they asked Jacob why he was late, he very proudly said because he was winning tickets for Ringo Star on 94.9.
We recorded it on my phone and played it back for them (it didn’t come out very well but it worked) and they though it was a great reason to be late and gave him a high five. As I was walking him to his locker we called my wife and he was yelling to her in the hallway that he won.
Thanks again, you made his day and more."
I responded with this email:
"I love this story. I was Jacob's age when I got on the radio for the first time and it is refreshing to have such a young winner, passionate about Classic Rock. I hope you guys have a great time at the show. Can't thank you enough for sharing the story. Thank you both for listening!"
Thursday morning, we invited Jacob and Leon into the studio to thank then for taking the time to share this awesome story with us. Jacob brought us gifts he made himself. What a well spoken young man. We didn't have much time but his dad Leon sent us another nice email after that.
"Hi Deb and Joey-
Thanks for your time this morning!  Jacob loves his hat and was thrilled to meet you both and check out your studio. It was also a pleasure for me meeting the two of you as well. It really means a lot that you have taken the time to engage and promote the excitement my son has for music, trivia and community participation.
Leon & Linda"
Thank you Leon, Linda and Jacob for listening and making this an awesome week.
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