I'm very much looking forward to a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend!! The weather looks like it will be near perfect. We might even get a shot of seeing a meteor shower early Sunday Morning. Brats, dogs, steaks, potato salad, sweet corn, and of course burgers will be smelled on grills across the county. But, check that ground beef!! A massive recall affecting 9 states is the result of multiple reports of E. coli sickness. A number of stores in Michigan have completely removed all ground beef from their shelvesmlive.com wrote a story this week detailing what to look for on your ground beef packages. The contamination is linked to Wolverine Packing Company in Detroit. Check your ground beef package for an Establishment Number of "EST. 2574B". Also, there is a Production Date Code you should check. It will look similar to this: "Packing Nos: MM DD YY" or...YY MM DD". The specific dates of concern are between March 31, 2014 (03 31 14 or 14 03 31) and April 18, 2014 (04 18 14 or 14 04 18). The recall is so massive, it takes a 97 page document from USDA to list each product of concern. Here's a link to it.

And, an extra FYI heads up...many restaurants in Michigan also receive beef from Wolverine Packing. If you sit down to order that burger, you might want to ask about where their beef comes from. I did last night, in fact. (Leroy's Classic Bar & Grill's beef is good to go...and damn f'in tasty!!)