We all know about cycle racing and the doping involved. Thank you Lance Armstrong. It happened before Lance and it will happen long after. Like now. Except instead of doping her body, 19 year-old Belgian Femke Van den Driessche is accused of doping her bike. Click here to see the full story.

The bike she was using in the race had a motor concealed in the frame. She said "it wasn't my bike" and a mechanic accidentally grabbed one identical to hers. She is convinced an inquiry will clear her name. I think it sounds like the worst excuse ever.

"I feel really terrible. I'm aware I have a big problem. (But) I have no fears of an inquiry into this. I have done nothing wrong," she added. Belgian coach Rudy De Bie said he was "disgusted." "We thought that we had in Femke a great talent in the making but it seems that she fooled everyone."

Apparently, motorized cycles have been around a while and race officials are on the lookout for cheaters. What a noble sport cycling is.