Former Spartan Draymond Green didn't get voted in the NBA All-Star Game by the fans. His only way in was to be a coaches' choice. He sat down to do an interview to discuss the possibility and he got cut off... By his mom.

Mama always knows. He said he wanted to cry but didn't because he didn't want to be memed on the internet. His mom said it was hard keeping the secret but she wanted to deliver the news to him because it was a lifelong dream come true. Click here to read more.

It's the first time in 40 years Golden State has 3 All-Stars. Click here to read about that. Draymond was a star at Saginaw winning back to back state titles before coming to MSU. He won a NBA title with the Warriors last year and was rewarded with an 82 million dollar deal. It's nice to see he is still hungry. Go Green!

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