On the night of Nov. 19, 1970, Alonzo Hart Jr. returned home from work between 8:30-9:00 PM. His wife, Sarah Jane, had packed their six kids into the car and "went shopping" so she wouldn't be home during the murder she had planned with Phillip Lippert & William Pribble. Lippert & Pribble arrived and waited on both sides of the garage, armed with a revolver and steel bar. When Alonzo got outta his car, Pribble whacked him a couple of times with the bar and fled. Sarah Jane got home just a few minutes later, saw Alonzo lying there, and left. She didn't even bother getting out to see if he was OK...she just drove to a neighbor's to call the police. The next day she called to find out about Alonzo's insurance policy, to see if she was indeed the sole beneficiary; this made the police almost certain she was behind the murder.

This is one of Michigan's most notorious murders and has become scrutinized, written, and investigated many, many times since 1970. I did an article on this crime a year or two earlier, but without pictures of the house, except for satellite photos (to read the complete article with details, CLICK HERE).

Well, now you can see the house up close, and even go inside, in the photo gallery below (thanks to Ruin Road).

The pictures take you inside and around the house - that still stands - on a lonely dirt road intersection near Ithaca. Most of the neighbors are gone, with other abandoned homes in the area.