Like most parents, we run our kids to various sporting events and practices. And like most, we need to entertain ourselves while our offspring enjoy (or not), their chosen activity du jour.

Not being one to sit still and read I am thankful for the throwback arcade games made available at my daughters ice skating venue. Having never been very good at any video games, I do have my favorites.

My first introduction came at the old Spartan Lanes (now Connxtions) on Lansing's north side. The old Saturday morning YBA leagues were always filled with bowling alley french fries and Space Invaders. As the years went, Defender and Tempest becames fast favorites. And of course, there was always Galaga! Trying to avoid flying space bugs while trying not to get blown up, was great fun. If I had quarters, I was headin' north to the bowling alley! I think I may have financed a car or two for my old buddy Frank Stevens, who still owns the place.

So yesterday was a walk down memory lane. I dropped my now two quarters in for one game, and proceeded to play. I must admit that I was rather impressed with my skill. I made it 12 flawless rounds and a few perfect "Challenging Stages" before being blown up. All in all, 21 stages and a total score of 169,400! Not bad for a 47 year old man that refuses to let go of the '80's!