In January, a friend of mine was put into a coma as he battled H1N1 and double pneumonia. We all prayed and had serious doubts he would pull through... but he did.

Tony is an awesome dude with a great heart. He also owns his own business.

A few years back when my 70 year old father was still working, he began to burn wood to heat his house. Tony knew my dad worked nights and saw his wood supply dwindling down when he drove by. Having some extra wood at home, he brought my dad a load to get him by for a few days. That is what kind of guy he is.

To help out Tony and the family cover some astronomical medical bills, there will be a benefit Saturday at the Eagles Club in Williamston. Most of the details are below. You can check out a lot of the silent auction items on their facebook page by clicking here.

Come out for a great night of fun! It's the #1 thing I love about living in a small town. Everyone comes together to help out a friend.