A Monroe, Michigan mail carrier noticed some cats on the roof of an abandoned home, leading to the rescue of 33 furry felines!

Now the whole process of rescuing these kitties started back in January when the mail carrier first notices them and called Monroe County Animal Control who MLive reports, then referred him to Friends of Companion Animals (FOCA), the only all-cat rescue and adoption center in Monroe.

Volunteers then got to work, contacting the owner of the abandoned home and rescuing what turned out to be 33 cats, of which there were multiple felines that needed serious medical attention.

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“This case is a prime example of how rapidly cats can reproduce and why we stress the importance of spaying and neutering pets, FOCA Shelter Director Penny Bly told MLive. "Including outdoor feral cats, to alleviate unnecessary suffering.”

As of Tuesday (March 16th) the shelter has announced that many of these cats are now ready to be adopted into their FURever homes!

While these poor kitties have been through a lot and could really use some people to really love them and give them a better life than the one some of them have had to start, 10 to 12 of the cats can not be adopted in a traditional sense due to their lack of human contact.

According to MLive, "These cats will be candidates for the shelter’s barn cat program where they are adopted to rural families with barns, garages, or stables where they can live outdoors while still being taken care of."

If you are interested in giving any of these kitties a good home you can check out all the ones available for adoption at the Shelter's Website (CLICK HERE).

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