The State of Michigan is freezing 340 thousand unemployment accounts as it investigates fraud by swindlers trying to cash in on the COVID-19 pandemic. reports the Department of Labor and Economic Activity has uncovered a significant amount of fraud in new unemployment applications.

The state has been overwhelmed by unemployment claims and has paid out around 1.7 million claims of the 2.2 million they have received. People who were paid in May may not be getting a June check because bad guys are trying to take advantage of the system. Good people could be getting their checks held up.

Every state in the union is being hit with unemployment fraud. The State of Michigan is working with law enforcement and fraud experts to track down the imposters.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has created a task force to investigate and prosecute fraud. 600 state staffers are combing through the 340 thousand claims being investigated so people that need money may have to wait for it a bit longer.

AG Nessel said

“To steal money from this program intended to support households during a major global crisis is beyond reprehensible”

So, if you are not getting your unemployment check, it may take some sorting out but it'll get there... Hopefully. The State of Michigan and unemployment fraud investigations don't have such a good recent history.

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