There have been some great names in sports. Sometimes, it's just fun to hear an announcer say some of them. There are some confusing ones in sports now but Michigan and Detroit sports have been represented by some colorful names... Some that just make you giggle. Joey Pankake played for the Tigers a few years ago.

Guys like Dick Trickle, Dick Butkus, Dick Felt never played in Michigan so they won't make the list.

5. But Dick Pole does! He went to Northern Michigan University and played baseball. From Trout Creek, Michigan, Dick Pole pitched with Boston and Seattle. Kind of a tragic story. He got hit with a line drive early in his career breaking his jaw and causing damage to the retina of his right eye he never recovered from. He later became a pitching coach and one of his prize students was Greg Maddux.

4. Jake Butt, former U of M tight end. His real name is Jonathan but Jon Butt sounds like the name of a male escort. The only college name funner than him to say is JALEN. WATTS. JACKSON. Also, close was Kyle Sackrider who was a walk-on tight end formerly of MSU and from Battle Creek. Noah Furbush formely of U of M also almost made it.

3. Jim Bob Cooter. Damn, it's still fun to say. He was once the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator. Now, he is the running backs coach for the New York Jets. If your offense is broke, Ol' Cooter will fix it. Fun Fact: A bent brim on a hat is referred to as a "Cooter" in honor of Cooter Davenport from the Dukes of Hazzard.

Hearing professionals say his name is awesome.

2. Chet Lemon. His real name was Chester and Chester Lemon is still worthy of #2. Chet played center field for Detroit from 1982 to 1990. He won that World Series title back in 1984 and I can still hear George Kell say his name.

1. Harry Colon. He played safety for the Lions back in the 90's. I couldn't find any of his highlights but the announcers always called him Cologne.

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