Have you ever done something that is a completely normal, fine thing to do but it just somehow feels so wrong you almost think it's illegal?

Every state has their own "things" or their own "quirks" that are weird to everyone else who is not from there but here in Michigan we've got quite a few of our own things that are so engrained in us, it would be almost illegal to stray from it.

Strange Michigan Laws

While we're not exactly talking about things that are ACTUALLY illegal here in Michigan, we feel like we should still go over a few so nobody gets confused here.

Of course you've got your regularly, illegal-everywhere kinds of things but here in Michigan it is still on the books (or at least they were as of October 2020) that:

  • On Sundays you can't buy a car, nor can a man scowl at his wife
  • Women can't get a haircut without permission from their husbands
  • Pigs are not allowed to roam free in Downtown Detroit...unless they have a nose ring.
  • You still can't use a decompression chamber to kill a dog (we're glad this one is still very much a law...what kind of monster was the reason for this one?)

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What Are Some Normal, Legal Things in Michigan that Still FEEL Illegal?

One snowy Michigan day, the sun was bouncing off the pure-white ground and when I went to put my sunglasses on, my sister said, "wearing sunglasses in the winter just feels almost illegal." That got me thinking what other things do just feel so weird they might as well be illegal?

Things That FEEL Illegal in Michigan That Aren't

No, none of these are against actual Michigan laws...They just feel like they are part of some "Michigander Honor Code" and should still not be violated.

What else is something Michiganders either "just do" or "just don't do" that feel they should be struck into the law books?

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