Most of these guys, you can just call them by one name.

I know, anyone that listens to me knows I LOVE FREDDIE MERCURY! He is the best frontman in the history of music. Not only could this singer lead his band to become one of the best in the world... He could get a crowd to say anything. He could get the crowd to sing along. He made the fans part of the band for one night. There are few, if any who could say this. I really wanted to title this: 6 of the Best Frontmen I have Ever Seen Live but I never got to see Freddie.

My list is not all about Classic Rock. The Frontmen who rocked! Don't worry, I have a Frontwoman version on the way too so, the ladies will get their turn.

I saw all of these guys but #1.

Robert Plant and Mick Jagger did not make this list. I love those guys but they make every list and you aren't getting on mine with that Chicken Dance, Mick!

Robert Plant is the reason we have Classic Rock. All of our Classic Rock bylaws were written on Led Zeppelin album covers. I just left him off because he hasn't been in Led Zeppelin for 41 years and it will ruffle a few feathers.

Enough about who is not on it... Here are my top 6.

Best Frontmen

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