While the weather this weekend will be a bit warmer, don't get too comfortable! That winter weather is surely on its way!

Here in Michigan, it's safe to say our winters can get pretty brutal, leaving us wishing for anything to help keep us warm.

Be it various warm beverages like coffees, teas and hot chocolate or comfort foods, we Michiganders definitely know what we want to keep warm in cool weather.

Let us know, what is your favorite food to cozy up with when the weather cools down?

Posted by WMMQ on Friday, November 6, 2020

We asked all of you on Facebook what were your favorite foods to eat in cold weather and while there were some unique ones like various pastas, jambalaya, and something called "Krautberoke, hamburger steup" they all kind of stuck to some similar categories.

Here are the seven main foods Michiganders turn to during cold weather!

MI Favorite Foods For Winter

Whether you are used to these staples or still have some left to try, we hope this gives you a little more insight as to just how vast your options are! Might we also suggest macaroni and cheese, pot pies and anything else you really have your cold heart set on in the winter months!

Now if you'll excuse me, I am about to go look up how to make chipped beef and gravy for me and Jordan for dinner tonight because whoever suggested that on Facebook struck up a real hankering!

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