We all have our favorite Michigan based restaurants. When I moved out of state, there were so many restaurants I missed and craved. You can't tell me that you don't crave a coney dog and chili cheese fries from National Coney Island every now and then. Or Jet's bread and their ranch. If you're a ranch fan, you know Jet's has the best ranch. I have a friend that actually buys an entire bottle of Jet's ranch whenever she orders a pizza so she always has some on hand. We have some great restaurants in Michigan and they deserve to be recognized.

What are some of our favorite Michigan restaurants that should be franchised nationwide? I asked around and got a lot of the same answers.

Here's 7 Michigan restaurants that should be franchised nationwide...

Michigan Restaurants That Should Be Franchised Nationwide

If there's one thing we can agree on, it's food. Some of these restaurants have started to move slowly to other states, but they're mainly Michigan based. And while it's cool that you have to visit Michigan in order to eat at these restaurants, I'm selfish and want access to some of these places if I'm on vacation or have to relocate for work again haha. We all want to be able to take a piece of home with us wherever we go.

Is there a restaurant you think should've made the list but didn't? Download the app and send us your thoughts!

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