Small towns are known for their charm, their strong sense of community, and usually, their distance from the next bigger town.

There is more than you would think that goes into being from a small town.

Sure, being in a place where "everybody knows everybody" and everybody knows everybody's business can be a bit scary for some, it's what makes your community small in size but large in support.

Each town has it's own "quirks and features" and each town also has people who just can't wait to get out of it.

That is how I used to be when it came to my high school hometown of Hanover-Horton. I thought the small town was small-minded, that I would never get out and grow into my own if I didn't leave. I dreamt over "bigger and better" things and moved out to Grand Rapids.

I love, love, LOVED the hustle and bustle of a bigger city that was booming with people from all races, religions, beliefs and walks of life. It was so fun to always have something to do and new friends to make. However, after a while, it was draining.

After six years I found myself longing for the days where a night out meant stopping by and chatting it up with your local liquor store owner as you grab a case of beer on your way to catch up with your crew at the big bonfire.

There are so many things that make a small town big fun, but here are some things to avoid to make sure you don't offend the locals and can fit in:

7 Ways To Annoy Small-Town Michiganders

Are you from a small town here in Michigan? What annoys you?

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