A grisly discovery today has led to an investigation at WMMQ. A small, furry, gray body was found on the floor in our kitchen with no apparent signs of foul play. A Coroner's inquest has been ordered and we feel that Dr. Quincy, M.E., will be the right man for the job. When reached for comment, all Dr. Quincy would say is, "Dammit Sam! I've got to finish this blood work!"

The victim is described as approximately 2.5 inches tall with gray fur, large ears and tail. No known next of kin to be notified. The body was first noticed at 8:00 AM but not moved until 12:50 PM. Witnesses noticed the body but did not take any steps to remove it pending that the last person in the building that had not seen it, take notice. Immediate removal took place immediately after an outline was made and photos taken.

Updates will be given as new information is discovered.