UPDATED 01/03/22


Michigan is, perhaps, one of the most unique states out of all 50 of them. For starters, it's literally in the shape of a mitten.

However, if you were to ask an outsider what comes to mind when you say 'Michigan', they'd probably say something along the lines of Detroit or Lansing or cars. But that's not everything that's going on for Michigan.

Small Town Michigan

Detroit and Lansing are only two of over 1,000 cities in the state of Michigan (according to Michigan.org). And it's not all about big cities, either. In fact, Michigan has a ton of love for our smaller cities, too, because they've got so much going on.

Enter: Portland, Michigan. About a hop, skip, and a jump northwest of Lansing.

Discover Something New About Portland, Michigan

Portland, Michigan is the City of Two Rivers. But just about anyone with a computer and a little bit of time to do a Google search could tell you that. You've got to keep in mind, there are some things that the internet can't tell you about Portland. There are some things that only people from Portland, Michigan can tell you—duh! So that's why I went to the experts; you, our residents of Portland.

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I asked the people of Portland: "What's something that EVERYONE from Portland knows?" To see the answers that the Portland community gave, you've got to check out the gallery below. Maybe you'll learn something new!

Did you learn something new? Excellent, we love a learning moment. Speaking of which; is there anything that we missed that we could add to the list? Let us know by sending us a message with the station app.

Things That Only People Who Live in Portland, Michigan Know

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