The village of Emmett is in Emmett Township, St. Clair County. Established sometime around 1850, the town and township were named after Robert Emmett, an Irish patriot. It sits smack along the still-operating Grand Trunk Railroad, having been originated as a railroad stop and postal station.

It's a typical Michigan small town: charming, historical, and interesting to drive through. But another reason to drive through is for the unique photo op of having your picture taken alongside the giant can of Duff Beer, Homer Simpson's favorite brew. Next to it is a giant pack of South Paw Cigarettes, another photo op. Check out the photos below.

Emmett had a few good establishments over 100 years ago, including the Hotel Dewey (gone), a second hotel (gone), livery stable (gone), bank, elevator, depot (gone), post office, schoolhouse (gone), church and a few other shops and stores. One of the hotels used to be where the Lakestone Bank & Trust currently stands.

At any rate, add this to your Michigan roadtrip and take a drive to Emmett. Get some pics of these two Michigan roadside oddities: Duff Beer and South Paw Cigarettes!