We always hear about how much a Super Bowl commercial costs. This is one of the "few" times of the year where we actually sit down and really pay attention to a spot. From movies to cars to all the guest stars, we're absorbing everything and ready to rank and talk about them the day after.

That's a lot of pressure and money to make a lasting impact in 30 seconds at the cost of millions of dollars.

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Did you ever stop to think about who makes them? No, not the celebs in the commercials but the folks behind them?

Meet Tricia Hoover.

This talented woman is a graduate of CMU (December of 1995). In addition to being the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the above DoorDash commercial you will see the full version of on Super Bowl Sunday, she's also been involved with 3 others.

Meaning she's helped to put together & been involved with the making of four Super Bowl commercials.

There's a Jaguar spot from 2004 (that sadly I can't find on the internet).

This super sad and totally loveable General Motors Robot Super Bowl spot from 2007.

This Dr. Pepper and Little Kiss Super Bowl commercial from 2010.

And finally, these DoorDash teasers that you'll be able to see the full length of on Super Bowl Sunday.

I spoke with Tricia and she told me it was truly a feat to pull off what you're going to see in the age of COVID.

There was so much testing (if you sneezed you got tested again) and zoning (you couldn't get close to some actors). But it was truly magical to put together this project with Daveed Diggs (Hamilton/Black-ish/Snowpiercer), all the characters and master puppeteers from Sesame Street, and Director Michel Gondry (movies/music videos/Academy Award winner).

Make sure you look out for this spot and DoorDash is giving back too.

DoorDash said it wanted to build on its growing brand awareness by taking out a spot in the Super Bowl, and also tie the ad to its five-year $200 million pledge to support merchants, its workers and local communities. The company said it's also donating $1 for every order starting on Super Bowl Sunday to Sesame Workshop, with donations topping out at $1 million. (CBS News)

One woman, four Super Bowl commercials. That is truly an awesome feet and so inspiring.

Find out more about my friend and fellow Chippewa Alumni Tricia Hoover.

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