I received a pretty cool picture from my buddy Dave Wellfare earlier this week. He was on his daily travels through Lansing, and noticed this interesting sight...a nearly new Dodge Journey sporting a WMMQ bumper sticker from years past. Now, that's what I call listener loyalty. It's not unprecedented to see old vehicles with classic stickers. Hell, you even spot a few from time to time on various stop signs around town. But, this hybrid owner actually placed a sticker that's at least 20 years old on a vehicle that wasn't in existence until 2008!! I have no idea who this listener is, but mad props for representin'!!! (As the kids say)

So, when exactly did WMMQ print a Stones themed sticker? That is the ever lasting question. Being a Lansing Area lifer, I do remember seeing these very stickers with some frequency as a youngster. But, to pin an actual circa is tough. I do know it pre-dates all of the WMMQ staff's tenures. The few dinosaurs at our sister stations don't recall a date. Hell, even Duran Martinez, who's done more WMMQ tours of duty than Billy Martin had for the Yankees, said it pre-dates his on-air days. So, that being said alone, it was a while ago.

First, let's start with the fact that it says 92.7 MMQ. So, then and there we know it was prior to June 1, 1997, when WMMQ signed on at 94.9 MHz, as it does today. After a chat with Duran, he cites his first arrival at WMMQ in 1993, at the old studios on Mt. Hope Ave. At that time, he thinks that WMMQ had already changed its logo from the oval based platform shown in the photo, to the current oval/pyramid logo. Obviously, there are some subtle font differences from the first oval/pyramid to today's. My natural thought was that the sticker was issued in conjunction with the Rolling stones' 1994 concert at Spartan Stadium. But, given Duran's info, that theory is blown out of the water. Duran and I both recall customized oval logo stickers from the 92.7 days. For instance, when WMMQ was the Lansing Detroit Tigers affiliate, there were blue and orange ovals that said "Tigers" with the 92.7 WMMQ along the bottom border. There were also green and white "Roses" ovals in the same pattern after the 1988 MSU Rose Bowl win, and others that said "Spartans" from around the same era.

In the studio, this old memento hangs around...another classic sticker on an old Quality Dairy coffee mug that likely came with a Double Dribble Donut endorsed by Magic Johnson. (Sorry for the shoddy panoramic pic)


If I had to guess, the sticker on the Journey is probably from right around the same time as this one above....and the others mentioned. I know, I'm Captain Obvious. I'll estimate the sticker as circa 1987...when WMMQ ran some kick ass local TV commercials, too!! Do you have any old, even ancient, MMQ schwag? Can your memory help pinpoint a more accurate date? Let's post and discuss, my friends!